ISIMIP Global Water Workshop – Aug 2018

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A highly engaging and interactive three days ISIMIPGlobal Water Workshop hosted in Goethe University of Frankfurt. Productive, interesting and exciting discussions taken place during July 30 – August 1 2018 focusing on potential exploitation of ISIMIP2b simulations.

The workshop enhanced cross-sectoral integration of the global water with other sectors through the involvement of the biomes and biodiversity sectors. The main achievements were:

(a) the kick-start and further development of paper ideas that capitalise on the latest ISIMIP simulations,

(b) The development of new cross-sectoral relationships for global water and establishment of existing relationships,

(c) idenditfication of cross-sectoral modelling needs to better inform the sectoral protocols for ISIMIP3 and

(d) maximum utility of the ISIMIP2b Group 3 simulations.

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