PROCLIAS COST Action kicked off!

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On the 27th and 28th of October 2020 a new COST Action funded by the EC started its 4 years journey of scientific interactions. More than 80 attendees from over 30 countries met during the kick of meeting of PROCLIAS COST Action CA19139, entitled Process-based models for climate impact attribution across sectors. PROCLIAS aims to develop common protocols, harmonized datasets and a joint understanding of how to conduct cross-sectorial, multi-model climate impact studies at regional and global scales allowing for attribution of impacts of recent climatic changes and robust projections of future climate impacts. The Action will do so by focusing on key interactions of climate impacts across sectors, their accumulated effect, especially of extreme events, the attribution of impacts to climate change and the quantification of uncertainties. PROCLIAS will make use of all COST networking tools to train young researchers to conduct and analyse multi-model simulations in a cross-sectorial way, to support a common platform for collecting impact model simulations and methods for analyzing them and to disseminate the data, code and results to scientists as well as, in a more synthesized form, to stakeholders.

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